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Mandatory Compliance Made Easy

OMNI Community Management considers your company a valuable part of our team, as together we provide exemplary service to our Association clients. Part of our responsibility to each of our Association clients is to track the insurance status of all vendors who provide products and services to the more than 100 Associations we manage.

The administrative effort it takes to perform this task is substantial and often affects prompt payment. To facilitate this process, OMNI has entered into an agreement with Association Services Network (ASN). Working with ASN, OMNI has created a powerful platform that will allow you to expedite your process and easily check the status of your application. This will give you the information you need to meet our compliance requirements and you will have 24/7 access to our platform. Now you need only name OMNI Management and “all managed associations” instead of naming each HOA individually. In addition, your company will be noted as compliant for all Managers when selecting companies to request proposals.

Registration Process

To begin the process, click the link below. Once you have enrolled you will receive a Login & Password Email along with the Next Steps to becoming fully compliant. There is a small risk-management processing fee of $99 per year that is required. If your company fails to be compliant it may be removed from our list of service providers. OMNI Community Management requires that all service providers pay this fee for verifying that your relevant insurance and licensing meet ALL management company and homeowner association requirements. To insure the process is easy and efficient we have entered into an agreement with Association Services Network (ASN) which will provide the needed administrative support we believe is needed in continuing to fulfill our role as the managing agent for each of our clients. For you this means that becoming compliant is extremely important and requires your immediate attention.

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